Talent concept

Adhering to the development concept of "creating value and sharing achievements", Standard Pharma firmly believes that "talents are the most precious wealth of Standard Pharma", and emphasizes the advantages of talents to build the innovative development advantage of enterprises.
The company attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, respects every employee, treats every employee sincerely and equally, thus attracting a number of like-minded partners to join the big family of Standard Pharma and establishing a professional and concerted talent team.

Our talent philosophy:

talent-oriented- The company values employees' potential and learning ability, and is willing to provide employees with broad and flexible development space, continuous professional training, as well as mentoring system, so that employees can grow quickly and take charge of themselves.

originality spirit-The company encourages employees to pursue their ideals and be passionate. Take the cause of the company as your own cause, give full play to your strengths on the platform of Standard Pharma, never forget your original intention and strive for perfection.

win-win cooperation-The company advocates employees and enterprises to create value and share achievements. While helping the development of the company, employees will achieve both material life and self-worth.

Join Standard Pharma, you can get

Generous salary
1. Basic Salary: Once hired, you will get competitive salary and generous bonus at the end of the year;
2. Pay raise for performance: the salary increase will be determined according to the annual performance evaluation results of the employees;
3. Commission Incentive: Business Department will get a generous commission bonus based on work performance;

Health care
1. Free physical examination: the company will arrange employees to have a comprehensive physical examination and provide health consultation to professional physical examination institutions every year;
2. Other health insurance: the company provides supplementary commercial insurance for employees;
3. Recreational activities: the company regularly organizes different types of recreational activities to enhance the mutual understanding among employees and enhance their health;

Paid annual leave
1. Paid leave and seniority leave: one year of seniority is entitled to 7 days of paid annual leave, up to 15 days;
2. Paid holidays: including all paid Chinese holidays stipulated by the government, as well as extra-long Spring Festival holidays;
3. Other leave include: sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, funeral leave, etc.

Other welfare
1. Social insurance: purchase social insurance and housing fund upon entry to improve employees' social security;
2. talent training: respect for talents, regular training, professional guidance;
3. Other subsidies: including subsidies for lunch, telephone subsidy, transportation and travel , etc.;
4. Festival welfare: birthday, Mid-Autumn Festival, New year red packets, Lantern Festival, Women's Day and other festival gifts;

5. Annual travel: Every year, there are domestic and foreign staff travel .

Join us:

Procurement of foreign trade

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing is preferred;
3.More than 2 years working experience;
4. Good professional ethics, loyal to the company;
5. Have the spirit of unity and cooperation;

6. Excellent fresh graduates are also available

Job Responsibilities:
(I) Responsible for the company's import and export business follow-up
1. Develop new overseas suppliers;
2. Maintaining the relationship with existing suppliers and conducting business negotiations;
3. Follow-up of import and export procurement;
(II) Responsible for the translation of company documents and website manuscripts
The working environment of grade a office building, buy five social insurance and one housing fund upon entry, have meal supplement, talk supplement, annual free physical examination, company travel.
Working hours: 8:30-12:15,13:30-17:15, have weekends, holidays.

Company address: 2104, Building A3, Times E-Park, Hanxi Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou City.

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